Agricultural Communications

Volume 2, Number 3, July 2014


GGE Biplot Analysis of Genotype × Environment Interaction in Wheat-Agropyron Disomic Addition Lines

Ezatollah Farshadfar and Mahsa Sadeghi

Anatomical Changes Induced by NaCl Stress in Root and Stem of Gazania harlequin L.

Adnan Younis, Atif Riaz, Iftikhar Ahmed, Muhammad Irfan Siddique, Usman Tariq, Mansoor Hameed and Muhammad Nadeem

Date Palm Waste Application as Culture Media for Strawberry and its Impact on Some Growth Indices and Yield Components

Zeinab Rostami, Ahmad Mohammadi Ghahsare and Bijan Kavoosi

Evaluation of Genetic Variation of Some Agronomical and Morphological Traits in Iranian and Exotic Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.).

Azam Negahi, Mohammad Reza Bihamta, Zahra Negahi and Mohammad Alidoust

Effects of Heat Treatment and Freeze-Drying on the Protein and Lipoprotein Structures of Egg Yolk as Determined Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

Severin Ramona Thierau, Helena Keil, Ingrid Seuss-Baum and Oliver Hensel

Effects of Satureja Khuzistanica (Jamzad) Essential Oil Supplementation in Drinking Water on Fatty Acid Profile of Broiler Breast Meat

Hossein Reza Shahbazi, Shahab Ghazi and Reza Mahdavi

Agriculture Production Planning Using a Hybrid Simulation and Genetic Algorithm Approach

Alireza Karbasi, Fatemeh Rostamian, Arsalan Biniaz and Behrooz Hassanpour

Effect of Unauthorized Wells on Aquifer's Water Table: Case Study in Bahar, Hamadan, Iran

Behrooz Yaghobi, Saeid Shabanlou and Fariborz Yosefvand