Publication Policies


Any information that is already in the public domain in a scientific context will be considered published and will not be published again by the Journal. Submission of a manuscript to Agricultural Communication implies no concurrent submission elsewhere.


Before Submission:

Peer-Editing: It is strongly recommended that before submission, authors have their manuscripts reviewed by two colleagues and revised appropriately.

Language Editing: When English is not the authors’ primary language, author(s) should obtain editorial assistance before submitting the manuscript. Consider that poor English is one of the main reasons for rejection.

Manuscripts Style: Manuscripts must be in Agricultural Communication style to be considered for publication (check manuscript preparation). Consider that manuscripts which do not match to journals standards will be returned to authors for correction.

Ethics in Publishing: By publishing a paper in a peer-reviewed journal we have contributed in development of science and human knowledge. Besides that we are reflecting the quality of our work and institution. Therefore it is important that we pay attention to publication ethics. As the corresponding author, you should make sure of research originality, paper authorship, hazards, standard reporting, data access, human and animal rights and subjects, data retention, acknowledgement of sources. Authors should also avoid: plagiarism, multiple, redundant or concurrent publication, disclosure and conflicts of interest, and fundamental errors in published works.



Papers must be submitted via journals email as mentioned on the submission page. Upon submission a confirmation email with a article code will be send to the corresponding author and the evaluation process will begin.


Manuscripts Review:

Manuscripts submitted for publication are reviewed by an Associate Editor who requests at least two additional peer reviews. The purpose of the reviews is to assure readers that competent, independent professionals have found the published papers acceptable. Some revision is usually necessary after the reviews, and final acceptance depends on satisfactory revision.

Authors are requested to recommend five reviewers to the associate editor for their paper evaluation in a separate MS Word file as bellow. The reviewers should be from a different institution or university of the authors, at least have a PhD qualification rank, and to have enough research experience in the field of study. A template of the Potential Reviewers can be downloaded by the link bellow.

Click here to download template file



After acceptance of the manuscript, corresponding author will receive an email instructing her/him to make the payment, send the final version of the manuscript and figures as attached files. Text should be sent in Microsoft Word while graphics should be sent in TIFF, JPG, or PGN format.

Page proofs are sent in PDF format via email to the corresponding author. Authors should check the proof, make corrections and return it within a week. Authors will be charged for any major alterations they make in the page proofs that are not editor errors.


Publication Cost:

Publication cost is 90 British Pound for each paper which should be received after acceptance.

Discounts have be granted to students and authors from Developing countries.

According to The World Bank Classification, authors from countries classified as Low-income Economies are granted free publication, authors from countries classified as Lower-middle-income Economies are granted 40% discount on publication fee and authors from countries classified as Upper-middle-income Economaies are granted 25% discount on publication fee. Students are subjected to another 10% discount on each category if they are the corresponding author. Discounts are subjected to manuscripts with good written English.

Table 1. Publication Cost based on author's country's income.

Economy Classification Publication Cost (British Pound)
University Faculties and Researchers Students
Low-income Economies Free Free
Lower-middle-income Economies 55 45
Upper-middle-income Economies 59 69
High-income Economies 90 80


Published papers:

After publication a PDF file of the published paper will be sent to the corresponding author, whom has to send a copy to other authors. A published hard copy of the journal will be send upon request and payment.



Eram Pars Scientific Publication (EPSP) retains copyright for all Agricultural Communication publications. Permission to reprint, republish, or reproduce individual contributions or parts of contributions must be obtained from EPSP in writing to Journals email or Publication Address.